The Good Run believes kids need a place to play, knowledgeable and inspirational coaches to guide them and opportunities to experience the world through sport. TGR’s mission is to is provide kids with access to proper facilities, equipment and and youth coaches in the US and internationally to build the character of future generations.

With your involvement we can “Create Possibility” for kids to grow as players and as people. Please consider making a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more to support current TGR projects. 

The Tip Off Classic - High School Basketball, Goal: $1000

TGR supports teams who need help with meals while attending the Tip Off Classic. Donating to this campaign helps fuel the players while they build camaraderie and character on and off the court. For many TOC teams and individual players, it will be their first time experiencing a world outside their local community. A small donation can make a huge difference in the life of a young player.

Battle for Crystal Beach - Middle School Basketball 3 v 3, Goal: $1000

TGR is giving back to a small community that embraces basketball as a hopeful and healthy activity for it's youth. Your gift to TGR will directly impact the town of Castleton, Vermont and its rec youth basketball league by providing basketballs and supporting the capital drive efforts to paint lines on the Crystal Beach basketball court. This event reflects TGR's mission to provide kids with with spaces, equipment and opportunities to safely compete.