"Kids need a place to play, knowledgeable, inspirational coaches and opportunities to experience the world through sport."



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The Good Run

is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non profit organization incorporated in the state of Vermont with a simple and powerful mission:

To foster national or international sports competition while supporting and developing amateur athletes for that competition.

In addition, the following specific goals reflect TGR's mission:

  • to develop and promote amateur sports competitions; primarily, but not exclusively, the sport of basketball, for youth in United States and internationally

  • to raise funding from private and public sources, individuals and organizations in order to provide coaching, skill building, and pro-social youth development experiences through the development and provision of amateur sports competition events

  • to work with local youth sports organizations and schools to promote interest in and provision of amateur sports competitions.

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Justin Brink, Director

Justin is a passionate educator and youth coach. He believes kids everywhere deserve facilities, equipment, coaching and opportunities to develop as young athletes and people. Justin began coaching at youth camps when during while playing basketball for Castleton University. He has coached middle school boys and girls basketball for the Broward County Public Schools and started the basketball program at the Winpenny School in Mexico City.He is the creator of En Fuego Hoops, a web property dedicated to the promotion and development of international professional basketball and the Proof of Game Showcase. The POG Showcase was a venue designed to give pros exposure to international teams and leagues. From 2007 through 2012, the POG was attended by coaches from the ABA, LNBP, CIBACOPA, NBADL seeking talent. In 2011, the POG Showcase welcomed a crew of NBA officials who used the event as a training ground for aspiring NBA referees. Currently, Justin the Curriculum Coordinator and coach for the U15 boys and U19 girls basketball teams at TCIS International School just outside Bangkok, Thailand