"Kids need a place to play, knowledgeable, inspirational coaches and opportunities to experience the world through sport."



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Youth participation in sports helps to build character and communities.


The Good Run

is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non profit organization incorporated in the state of Vermont with a simple and powerful mission:

to provide pro-social youth development experiences through the support and provision of amateur sports competitions, skill building clinics, and access to proper equipment and facilities.

In addition, the following specific goals reflect TGR's mission:

  • to develop opportunities to participate amateur sports competitions; primarily, but not exclusively, the sport of basketball, for youth in United States and internationally.

  • to raise funding from private and public sources, individuals and organizations in order to rehabilitate sports facilities, provide coaching and skill building clinics and an opportunity for young people to impact their community through sport.

  • to partner with local youth advocacy organizations and schools to promote an interest in youth sports.

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Did you know?

"Sports provide opportunities for children and adolescents to connect with others, build meaningful relationships and take on challenges and leadership roles that promote overall personal development and well-being." - NBA & USA Basketball

“Sports-based people-to-people exchanges are central to building and promoting values of inclusion and open opportunities for people to contribute fully to society, and create opportunities to establish the trust needed to build a more stable, secure, and prosperous world." - US State Department

"Sport is a tool for development and Peace" - UN Inter Agency Task Force On Sport Development and Peace

"Sports offer an important opportunity for building life skills of at-risk youth that allow them to better cope with daily life challenges and move away from involvement in violence, crime or drug use." - UNODC